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"51 " long holiday has change, banquet of new personality busy break off an enga
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Morning paper dispatch (reporter Cheng Yan) " 51 " long holiday may cancel, abdicate gives Pure Brightness, end midday, wait for traditional festival mid-autumn, a few newlywed person that already engaged wedding breakfast, nowadays begins to retreat be engaged banquet.

Wang Zhiwei of 27 years old and next year of He Zhifeng plan " 51 " marry. October, two people ordered banquet of 18 desks marriage in the Xin Huayuan near road of fierce prosperous China. Because of on May 1, 2 days already are booked, be in time surely on May 3, "Put in long holiday among pretty good also, kin friend plays to Wuhan, 3 drink wedding feast, come home to still can rest 9 days next. " Wang Zhiwei complains to the reporter, "Impracticable now, time length a holiday changes, friend of a lot of kin should go to work, the likelihood is driven do not come. The likelihood is driven do not come..

The reporter calls inquiry Xin Huayuan, downstage staff member says, cancelling subscription is impossible.

Nowadays, many hotels receive new personality to change the plea of marriage dinner time. The downstage staff member of inn of hill of leaf of 35 mellow bamboo introduces Wuhan, because of " 51 " likelihood length a holiday cancels, this hotel already gave the formalities that dealt with banquet of break off an engagement to new personality. The banquet of inn of hill of 35 mellow phoenix books Wuhan the staff member of the ministry also says, these days land add add received next year " 51 " retreat be engaged the phone of banquet new personality, it is to be cancelled probably " 51 " the metabolic influence of long holiday, and of time of dinner of the marriage after the requirement shifts to an earlier date or be being delayed.

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