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Continous this world: 4 aftershock wedding says to disaster " not "
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Be in continous in relief city the day before yesterday, 瑨 of week of the person that a pair of new personality hold wedding to write down in the family member's blessing / photograph

Controlled at 11 o'clock in the morning the day before yesterday, a wedding is in Sichuan continous is in relief " signs of human habitation is exiguous " the street appears conspicuous all the more on the road. Although because seismic reason reduced most,enter bridal visitor, but new personality and guest people there still is happy gas on the face.

This stands in continous this world to new personality the street in double tablet of city new and high district " Tian Xiangyue feeds government office " before the door, the bride that wearing marriage gauze and bridegroom are welcoming guest. Because aftershock is ceaseless, the pedestrian of the contact on the street is quite exiguous. Deserted street on the road, the speech that Bin Penghan warmths and congratulates all the more pleasant to hear. Wei of bridegroom the Tang Dynasty says, it is early before 2 many months, had ordered in this dining-room desk, although encountered an earthquake, but the observation that passes these days, should not appear again earth shake, because this is pressed,planned to hold wedding as scheduled surely formerly.

And the guest that comes round to attend wedding, more feel this bridal meaning is different from general, press then come round about. Just, because a few guest in disaster area want to come home, compare original plan thereby little the person of the half. On wedding, ceng Duo of new a form of address for one's wife second so excited that do not speak to come piece, bin Peng and dining-room employee encourage them to continue with enthusiastic applause instantly.

Undertake bridally as this square " Tian Xiangyue feeds government office " , also let a person be filled with deep esteem. Be in every day in some aftershock, not only rolled out delicious banquet as agreed upon for this pair of new personality, still undertook hitting losing privilege for them, hanged before the door " aseismatic help each other, tian Xiangyue feeds government office as usual to do business " banner. Beautiful plum of Xu of this restaurant vise general manager introduces, actually, dining-room already had a holiday after the earthquake, faculty puts up tent on a wide field. "But come in succession as the sick and wounded, dining-room is assumed rose to take care of with the responsibility that sends a meal, cooked at beginning to be in 13 days afternoon. Cooked at beginning to be in 13 days afternoon..

And, a lot of employee in this dining-room come from the heavy disaster area such as boreal plain, to assure employee people safe, dining-room decision asks about everybody by the administrator the circumstance in the home, so far, outside was not being contacted except the family member of an employee, the others employee all knew the condition in the home. Among them, the home of Xiao Zong manager still is installing a county, in the home already not a single tile remains-be razed to the ground, still insist to be service of disaster area people when the volunteer. This world of our newspaper continous stalks of grain only Zhang Bo of reporter Li Weifeng
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