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Citizen doubt pats marriage gauze to be consumed compulsively according to inn-k
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Message of the message when Jin Yang marries is life important matter, do not get naturally cursorily, film gauze of a marriage takes the testimony that already was regarded as life happiness hour by new people, become new people to marry the indispensable link in the process. The reporter investigates discovery, because marriage gauze photographs,this industry is compared " special " , average consumer lifetime is likely only such consumption is experienced. Before experiencing these processes personally, major customer is very little to this industry understanding, one not careful meeting meets customer a lot of " guild regulations " , increased infinite trouble to happy event apprentice. In the meantime, these " guild regulations " have at be contrary to code. Recently, the reporter undertook visitting to this.
Citizen merchant young lady is in the urban district one shadow building booked a 2999 yuan marriage gauze to illuminate a formula, shadow building expresses to doing an activity to need 2599 yuan only. Then, taking the advantage of holiday she and accurate bridegroom patted marriage gauze to illuminate to shadow building, they receive an announcement to arrive after a week shadow building, chose to make 36 pieces of pictures of an album of paintings, quarter CD from inside many pieces of 200 photograph.
Gu Gao tells a reporter, two people make up, placed modelling to work hard one day, cameraman chooses for her to assure to have enough picture, filmed with digital camera many pieces of 200 photograph, and the photograph effect that takes has a few to be returned really pretty good, so she wants to come home odd negative beat. But store of photography of this marriage gauze says to choose a piece to be about to add more receive 20 yuan of fund, if good is much,still can hit appropriately fold. If if she is not chosen,shadow building expresses, these photographs before long hind can be expunged, offer odd photographic plate freely impossibly for them. Regret to do not stay, gu Hai was to choose compromise, many pieces of 100 among them negative was bought outside spending 2000 yuan of money again. But Miss Gu thinks, since negative cannot free gives a customer, illuminate at the outset so much, have mandatory consumptive ill will.
The reporter visits discovery, the store of marriage gauze photography of Guiyang city is being carried out without one exception such " guild regulations " , redundant negative must consumer separately " buy sheet " , little criterion 20 yuan a piece, many 50 yuan a piece. To this, the staff member says building of shadow of one marriage gauze, had agreed originally enter Zhang Shu, the nature that comes out more cannot give a customer freely, besides " every so do " .
The salesperson of store of photography of some marriage gauze says, negative price was to be being calculated depreciation of cameraman firewood fulfil, dress films with etc of the numerate on the foundation of cost. And in sign with the client film when the agreement, shadow building can explain. When signing an agreement, the client has authority to choose to buy or be not bought to the negative that pats more.
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