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Marriage gauze is illuminated more and more the life
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The vogue of simple simple but elegant is dressed up, the style modelling of pure and fresh nature, the true setting of water of green hill green jade, everything is so natural, and this is now marriage present popular prevailing custom.

Small the gentleman of dragon of artistic chief inspector of building of shadow of osmund marriage gauze tells a reporter: "New personality takes a picture to compare deflection now a bit more concise, no matter be,making up still is modelling, do not want too multifarious. After all common people is not an actor, marry according to have life flavor more and more. "


Pat marriage gauze to illuminate, dress can say is principal element, and formal attire mixes the marriage gauze nowadays to be compared before, little a few minutes multifarious, much how much simple but elegant. Some condole belt, narrow place marriage gauze to cut out succinct, line is clear, daily life also can be worn.

And the dress of bridegroom also is single business suit remove from office is walked on no longer, what Jun Lang's shirt, optional sportswear, simple even white vest makes bridegroom ceremonial robe or dress is new bestow favor on. When marriage gauze is illuminated, the plum with old makeup girl and husband are engaged in be being patted in the seaside in shadow building is " take part in a battle with light packs " , belt of a white lubricious condole reachs the bride gauze of genu young marriage, relaxed but person; Bridegroom wears a vest on the west pants, free and easy and strong and handsome. As we have learned, the marriage gauze formal attire of this kind of unripe activation gets the reception of young and fashionable new personality quite.


Search shadow building brand-new marriage gauze album, the modelling inside reporter discovery is very much special press close to lives, have " young couple " of bicker, play, still have cook together...

Just patted get married gauze to illuminate before long Miss Zhou agitato says to the reporter, "Marriage gauze illuminates modelling previously is not you look at me, it is my cuddle is worn you, look very artificial. And when we take a picture, a lot of POSE are achieved oneself, for instance dress marriage gauze jumps tango. Because I and husband are met on university ball, this model can say is the emersion that we live, can arouse our good memory more. "

Make up

Big young lady tells the staff member of building of shadow of gauze of bank city marriage the reporter, the bride makes up now popular nature is pure and fresh transparent makeup, and hairstyle also resembles in former years no longer same, must send the head high dish case, it is to be on the base that retains former appearance more very, do slightly.

Miss Liu goes beautiful when Shabeila pats marriage gauze to illuminate, return specially to request makeup girl to maintain hair style of its original type of clear soup fine dried noodles. "Pat marriage gauze to illuminate in be about to resemble the life above all oneself ah. " Miss Liu is smiling to say.
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