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Olympic Games wedding: Marriage celebrate a service to covert collect fees the p
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Marriage banquet is added collect fee of 88 yuan of damaged

The stone young lady of Hefei is told about to the reporter, before long she got on a restaurant to attend the wedding of kin in Mei Shan road before. "When wedding ends settle accounts, the hotel says to want to deduct 88 yuan damaged cost according to the regulation, with will make up for wedding to go up to be broken into pieces the loss of a cup of bowl. " stone young lady says, broke a spoon also wants compensate to pay 88 yuan only? The clerk's answer is: No matter broke how many cups of bowl into pieces to perhaps break a cup of bowl into pieces, want to deduct cost of 88 yuan of damaged according to the convention of the hotel. Finally, because everybody feels the day of great rejoicing goes down to be troubled by 88 yuan this,some the loss outweights the gain, take office as go buckling by its.

Marriage gauze illuminates negative every pieces 20 yuan

Marriage banquet is such, pat marriage gauze to illuminate to shadow building also have a lot of letting collect fees that what the person cannot think of project. Before before long, inn of gauze of a when Xiaosun and male friend reach the designated position to go up at Hefei city Shou Chunlu together large marriage pats marriage gauze to illuminate, two people took a fancy to a value finally 1699 yuan marriage gauze covers a department. When the result takes outer door scene, one when the staff member does his utmost to recommend marriage gauze inn marks a price 80 yuan decide makeup water, say outdoors take a picture on the face makeup easy flower, used decide makeup water won't. Xiaosun sees in a few cosmetic inn later, of same brand and capacity decide makeup water, cosmetic inn wants 60 yuan only, the price of marriage gauze inn full 20 yuan taller.

When choosing a picture finally, the negative that if Xiaosun thinks him recapture,marriage gauze inn weighs, every pieces of negative must pay 20 yuan. "20 yuan a piece of negative, this price can wash one magnify photograph, and what negative pats still is ourselves. " Xiaosun wants to be illogical really to such collecting fees.

Consumer wants consciousness of authority having safeguard

Society of Hefei city consumer complains Zhao Jihua of advisory department vice director to tell a reporter, 88 yuan bowl chopsticks damaged expends hotel rigid collection the way is wrong. "Consumer broke how many cups of bowl into pieces to pay how many cash with respect to compensate, no matter break a cup of bowl into pieces uniform the practice that should stop damaged to expend, consumer can not grant pay attention to. " additional, partial restaurant adds the way that collects service fee unreasonable also.

And the process that patting marriage gauze to illuminate is a system, the contract must be signed before in order to agree specific details, lest increases temporarily collect fees project. Additional, the negative that marriage gauze illuminates is attributive should be consumer, marriage gauze inn cannot do sth without authorization is used.
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