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"51 " industry of banquet of the marriage after long holiday is adjusted is live
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Report from our correspondent (Yu Han of trainee of reporter all places) golden week all along is new personality gathers together the time that holds wedding, but the legal holiday that put forward recently adjusts plan, "51 " grow a holiday to shorten two days. Reporter from Wuhan city a few hotels understand yesterday, "51 " long holiday has change, but the marriage banquet change the date of rare new personality.

Citizen: Decide wedding day to won't change

"Since had decided a day, kin friend has informed, won't change again. " yesterday, the reporter interviews a few accurate newlywed person randomly, they all express, won't change because of holiday, and change marry time.

"' 51 ' the marriage banquet during books fulfil the quota already for certain, if want change the date, be afraid discharge hard into. " many citizens express, wedding is life important matter, without very special situation, won't adjust marriage banquet date easily commonly.

Hotel: Not collection penalty due to breach of contract

The reporter visits lake bright and beautiful, Kang Long prince, 6 close the Wuhan hotel such as the banquet, they all express, holiday is adjusted good to been book " 51 " the marriage banquet impact during is not big.

"' 51 ' after holiday is changed, still do not have customer demand change the date temporarily. " concerned controller of 3 in relief inn represents wine shop of lake bright and beautiful. Personage of 6 interior adding up to a banquet expresses, holiday shortens, banquet can be reduced accordingly, have certain effect to the hotel, but had not received objection at present. Excessive dragon prince expresses about the personage, rare new personality changes marriage dinner time, have also won't to guest collection penalty due to breach of contract.

Wuhan is bright controller of 10 thousand beautiful hotels thinks, "51 " busy season shortens, raised business affairs to come loose instead passenger volume.

Association: Meal business is decreased a bit become

"If next year ' 51 ' the golden week shortens, the profit of marriage dinner business will have golden week of job of hotel, meal a bit decrease. " yesterday, vice-chairman of association of Wuhan city meal expresses before besmear water, during the golden week, marry celebration, relatives and friends dines together, meal industry appears explode Man Chengjing, if vacation time shortens, business forehead can fall a bit 10% .

Wuhan city marriage celebrates guild chairman Zhang Zhimin to think, golden week holiday changes, not big to impact of marriage banquet market. "Marriage once decide,celebrate time, won't change easily. In the meantime, new personality marriage is more and more sensible, carry a day to must be not centered in the golden week. Carry a day to must be not centered in the golden week..
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