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Cancel to grow false haste to change wedding day
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Neat Lu Wan signs up for Wei lane the message that dispatch will grow a holiday to want to cancel about the golden week recently on November 11, make many plan next year " 51 " the new personality haste that manage a wedding changed wedding day, choose to do happy event ahead of schedule in succession, the Xiaogao that one second marriage will greet to celebrate before the Spring Festival is wet.

This morning, v/arc be on the throne celebrates a company at a marriage near Dong Yuan park, filled up with 6 alignment newlywed person was pushed fully in the inn of marriage gauze. According to the boss of this inn Ms. Lin introduces, will book marriage gauze these days, hold marriage those who celebrate is particularly much, and, it is to plan originally partly greatly very among them next year " 51 " manage a wedding, after hearing next year long holiday cancels, a lot of accurate new personality changed wedding day hastily, before choosing the Spring Festival " gather together " marry.

Tan Ling lives in kite to fly to the Xi Ying village on the road. She hears of " 51 " the golden week wants to cancel, the first reaction should change wedding day namely, because this year 26 years old, because grow,cannot cancel falsely to affect finish marriage. Then, she comes to marriage gauze inn with boy friend haste today, bridal business does before advisory Spring Festival.

The boss forest lady of this inn still tells a reporter, came suddenly now so much allows newlywed person, and choose day of auspicious of fine celestial bodies, especially of the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of December 6 this day, up to now already 5 pairs of new personality chose to marry in this day. She fears new people is squeezed in one day marriage very much, the hand in the inn when arriving is insufficient, marriage when celebrating, appear accident. Go up in the choice of emcee especially, as a result of marriage celebrate plunge into push, the affirmation when arriving can search a few not be very professional person will help, but must not cold the family's field! But, the emcee that major is not when she worries appears accident, cannot make a client satisfactory.

A when celebrate trade association according to marriage of Wei lane city controller that be like a surname introduces, annual " 51 " the golden week marries namely height, together with next year is an Olympic Games year, marrying is to gather together more. But these days since long holiday after the message that cancel comes out, marriage of Wei lane city celebrates an orgnaization to be mirrorred generally, what before new personality changes Spring Festival of wedding day, choice, marry is particularly much, especially the traditional Chinese calendar December, will greet conjugal small climax. This controller reminds these accurate newlywed person, must with marriage celebrate a company to had talked things over, the marriage when avoiding is celebrated gather together, marriage celebrate trouble of culpable of inadequacy of company occurrence hand, service.
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