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Sensible 80 hind the wedding that reachs to shift to an earlier date
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Son, was born 1981, be " 80 hind " patriarch.

Father, this year 61 years old, press present view, belong to " 40 hind " .

We want to say, happened in Hangzhou corner yesterday namely, " 80 hind " son and he " 40 hind " between father touching to dark story.

The father with terminal lung cancer insists to want to attend son wedding

Father is ailing, those who get is lung cancer. Tell with professional term, cry " cancer of low become divided scale " .

Change cure, put cure, the illness relapses instead answer. Be in second hospital and home in rushing about, father's body gradually angular come down.

This year on October 8, father is sent into the hospital in the province because of hurried of haemoptysis, gas again. "Cancer cell had appeared to transfer, the place such as head of lung, bone, skull has move, belong to lung cancer terminal. " Han Lei of doctor of family of tumour of the hospital in the province says, "Such illness, had controlled very hard. Had controlled very hard..

On October 30, the doctor issued sick into death advice note to the family member.

The doctor says, because spit blood, the patient jams very easily because of clot tracheal appear asphyxial. Once appear,choke, must the rescue on the horse. Every 20 minutes, the patient absorbs oxygen with respect to need.

Can fall in such state, father puts forward to the doctor however: Want to attend a wedding. Although the patient goes out,need bears huge risk, the doctor breaks rules however agreed.

Want to attend because of father, it is a son special for father, what hold ahead of schedule is bridal.

To realize father long-cherished wish the son shifted to an earlier date wedding day full half month

Visit the doctor office of division of tumour of courtyard of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, putting sugar of a bag of big happy event, daughter-in-law takes this technically afternoon.

"Hold out those who let a person touch really, to satisfy father's cherished desire, this pair of youths went to wedding ahead of schedule designedly today, let father can attend personally. " the doctor says.

The son is very handsome, there is an exhaustion on Dan Qingjun's face.

This family is local born and bred Hangzhou person. The son is the home in alone child, in Hangzhou an estate company goes to work, often should work overtime, be away on official business, add should come to a hospital visit constantly, take care of father, exhaustion of hard to avoid.

In July 2006, son and a girl of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse are registered married, the girl also was 1981, reasonable. Can be in this year, father was sufferred from by fish lung cancer. This lets this pair of young husband and wife some unaware, the bridal remit to in planning by this year November.
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