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DIY marriage celebrates a predestined relationship to fasten 80 hind new persona
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The motion picture that showed inside recently " lubricious give up " in, a custom-made blocks the ground inferior 6 carat luxurious pink gets spirit away of Buddhist monastic discipline the heart of all women, this advanced the troubled times love that ordered goods to witness Wang Jiazhi and easy gentleman in play not only, lifted a gem quickly also outside play " order make " hot.

On one hand, of fashionable dress, headgear, gem " order uniform Wu " conquered gradually zealous job at the same time essence of life at simultaneous contemporary elite; On the other hand, in marriage celebrate the market, " individual character is ordered make " wet also sadly arisen, illuminate besides marriage gauze outside, now marriage gauze, get card of candy of Buddhist monastic discipline, happy event, happy event... almost all marriage celebrate things but " individual character is ordered make " .

As we have learned, this kind " order make " tide was aimed at just about new round marry current brunt group -- " 80 hind " young generation, "Cruel " , " individual character " , " network " the intense individual colour that waits for a keyword to bring was become " order make " current mainstream trend.

The gold that plunge drop is acted the role of

Naked auger order make be heated hold in both hands but the price is relatively high

A few days ago, a client arrives gem brand is wet grand base door inn asks to order the gold that makes contain Longfeng to carve design to act the role of article, pass a month " work at sth with special care " , perfect work appears in customer key point eventually. Order in this in making, this client consumes about 200 thousand yuan in all.

According to tide grand base Huang Wenjing of manager of Guangdong trifling region introduces, choice custom-made client has two kinds commonly, one kind is according to inn inside already some design, order do the headgear that suits an individual to taste, of this kind of simplification order make won't differ of sale with design product value with door inn too far, the client can be accepted generally; The 2nd kind is the design that asks according to the client undertake redesign and rising edition, this kind of client often has special demand to the product, order make a product with marry souvenir, section celebrates the meaning such as inheritance of souvenir, culture, the price is relatively high.

"Current, sufferring gay of accurate new personality quite is naked auger order make. " Huang Wenjing expresses, the client can choose size by oneself appropriate naked auger, deserve to go up next favorite give up is held in the palm, still can undertake modification to detail.

Nevertheless, at present choice pearls and jewels orders those who make consumption still be in the minority. A clients make a product to ordering from beginning to end whether the Lv of standard heart impeach in achieving a heart; Second gem is ordered make existence produce the problem with longer time. Perfect work often needs the making flow of a complete set of, craft requirement is very strict, want ability of time of a month commonly finishing.
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