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Marriage gauze photography is redundant negative need not buy sheet separately
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Marrying is life important matter, do not get naturally cursorily, film gauze of a marriage illuminates humanness to give birth to this testimony of happy hour, become new people to marry the indispensable link in the process. But this answering sweet beautiful thing, there also is the place that makes a person not satisfactory in.

Nearly 6 encounter into consumer negative adds valence to pay fee

"We hope to marry this year, be born next year ' Olympic Games darling ' . " Miss Jiang of Hangzhou was taking the advantage of National Day big holiday to pat marriage gauze to illuminate. But after National Day, when store of marriage gauze photography informs she and accurate bridegroom go choosing a picture, encountered an irritated worry however. Former cameraman chooses for her to assure to have enough picture, filmed with digital camera many pieces of 80 photograph. After Miss Jiang and 36 pieces of photographs that allowed bridegroom to choose to make an album of paintings, quarter CD, feel many pieces of 40 photograph also admires the rest very much. Hardship placed modelling placed a day, and the effect that come out really pretty good also, so Miss Jiang wants to come home odd negative beat. But store of photography of this marriage gauze says to choose a piece to be about to add 50 yuan more, if 40 pieces want completely, can hit appropriately fold. And if Miss Jiang is not chosen more, odd picture can be in save delete one week later, hand over odd negative freely impossibly. Miss Jiang photographs to this inn such view is very bemused. "Since negative cannot free gives a customer, do not illuminate so much A at the outset, for how to sell Qian Caizhao to go out namely so many pieces? For how to sell Qian Caizhao to go out namely so many pieces??

The newlywed person that has same lot with Miss Jiang is not little also. Mr Wang that waiting to film marriage gauze is illuminated says, take the negative that is less than him effigies however as consumer, in the heart honest very at odds, if want negative to be returned so that spend money to buy, this is completely a kind mandatory consumption, too unreasonable.

The near future, province disappear is protected appoint the consumptive investigation that specially organized marriage gauze to photograph, findings shows, the consumer of 58% expresses to ever had encountered photography operator negative does not return the case that perhaps asks negative adds valence to just be retreated, the consumer of 68% states this kind of behavior is unreasonable.

Store of marriage gauze photography: Enjoy to negative " copyright "

Store of photography of gauze of marriage of Hangzhou much home is being carried out without one exception such " guild regulations " , redundant negative must consumer separately " buy sheet " , little criterion 20 yuan a piece, many 100 yuan a piece.
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