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Xiamen admires festival things in the heart
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Address: Xiamen lotus square 909 rooms postcode: 361000 contact: Phone of Zheng Hui: 13459034756 [asks a specification to come from supple] fax: QQ/MSN: 348958741 896287352 network address: Service of Http://www.xiamenxinyi.cn [domain name] More business is spread Fujian Tian Xiangka connects dress person to be taken occasionally. . Marriage of Xiamen lingering fragrance celebrates a plan finite fair. . Marriage of Xiamen bend city is celebrated engineer Xiamen pulls happiness marriage to celebrate ceremony lane Yi Liza marriage celebrates limited company Marriage of Xiamen happiness the fate brings lovers together celebrates a plan to have. . Xiamen city happy event comes house wedding plan has. . Plan of wedding of Xiamen love conclude is finite fair. . QQ896287352 of product of festival product firework begins time: 10-18 ends time: 12-18 Xiamen admires firework in the heart is a collect festival things, celebration decorates service company. The company holds water on Feburary 18, 2008, have associate many 30. The support of each unit and government bears since holding water, conduct celebration activity successfully already for many times. Sincere letter manages safety first to innovate independently is to admire the commercial reason that every associate must have in the heart to love.
The company has excellent fireworks to set off technical army major to be engaged in big medium or small fireworks evening party is set off, plan of whole journey of evening party activity is made; Long-term major carries on marry room inside and outside sets off all sorts of festival activities such as activity of Wu of mercer of hair of product of activity of real estate of activity of cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony of celebration of practice of annual meeting of company of celebration of anniversary of party of happy event birthday service; The cold fireworks that provides safe, environmental protection for the activity is special high-quality goods firework, activating more wonderful.
We know very well: The sale that good product has needed more without exception check and promotion! ! Accordingly, if you are foreign trade company, export business, ad firm, formal company, act art company, guesthouse hotel, concoctive company, marriage celebrate unit or the individual such as the company. Contact our phone 13459034756[Mr Zheng please] QQ896287352