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Atelier of photography of gauze of marriage of vision of sunshine of city of Hom
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Address: The road in alluvion of city of Home Zhang harbor postcode of 92 2 buildings: 215600 contact: Zhao phone: 0512-58791533 [asks a specification to come from supple] fax: QQ/MSN: 164431238MSN: Bloklyn@hotmail.com network address: Service of Http://www.qingtianphoto.com [domain name] More business is spread Gauze of marriage of vision of sunshine of city of Home Zhang harbor is photographed. . Photography of gauze of Taipei bride marriage Photography of great easy visual sense Close sweetheart is royal photograph Photography of gauze of beautiful bride marriage Feel flying photography Red with orgnaization of black professional photography Vision of sunshine of Home Zhang harbor (Suzhou theme annulus too lake scenery line) activity of indulgence of marriage gauze photography begins time: 10-13 ends time: 12-31 autumn, it is the season of a results, wish lover of whole the world becomes spouses eventually, in this romantic autumn, harvest your romantic love! ! !

Mobile time: In September 2008---By 2008

Film the ground nods: Suzhou east Shanxi hill beauty spot, annulus too lake scenery line, gu Zhengu dorp. . . . . .

Film means: Man-to-man service (cameraman, makeup girl, assistant cameraman, whole journey is close-fitting service) , originality of whole outer door scene, originality a powerful and unconstrained style, ask according to the client custom-built film style, talk with work; For you the quantity makes individual vision sumptuous dinner personally, dig your potential character temperament; Assure to everyday at least 6 tourist attractions film!

Explain: 1Photography of gauze of marriage of short distance travel puts flying state of mind, overflow is enjoyed, the opportunity is rare! !
The 2 dress that during filming, need uses, act the role of article, eyelash, all such as fluid of the elite that bring bottle is offerred freely!
3 all former piece with later period design essence repairs an all quarter dishes are given, later period does not increase a minute of fund! ! (Be in too what place of lake scenery line films is former piece very beautiful elegant)

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